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The Joy of Colour with Lily Grant

The Joy of Colour with Lily Grant

Art is interpretative to mood. As well as telling a story, it can often be about how it makes you feel, much like fragrance. When do you realise you see the world through a lens that you can translate into your work? Artist Lily Grant explains why colour is the key to her unlocking her passion.

I was very young when I first started painting, I began by just messing around with watercolours to start with. My house was always full of colour and life and laughter. My next-door neighbours let me paint and draw on the walls and I remember when I went home to my mum she was furious when I started doing the same on our own walls.

What I love most about painting is just playing with colour. I think it brings instant emotion to my work. It can unlock so much joy and optimism. We all need a route to release joy! I need to work with colour because it’s the best way to reflect what I’m trying to say. I’m taking a snapshot of a moment where I see beauty and in that I’m trying to reflect my strongest memories of joy and laughter into it through colour. No matter what I’m painting, I’m always just playing with what colours work and what feeling they bring to each piece.

I look for inspiration everywhere. I have the world’s worst sense of direction because I get so distracted when going on walks just looking at the trees and the colours and the way that the sun makes things look like they are a different tone and can bring a different feeling and warmth to a scene. Looking for the beauty in the everyday moments helps me to bring a fresh perspective and sense of positivity to my art.

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