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Style and Empowerment with Muna Nageh, Founder and CEO of sustainable styling subscription service, Circle of Style.

Style and Empowerment with Muna Nageh, Founder and CEO of sustainable styling subscription service, Circle of Style.

This International Women’s Day, we’re beginning our work with Dress For Success, a charity who’s mission is to empower women by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women succeed in work and in life.
In the spirit of this partnership, we'll be speaking with a series of inspirational women throughout the week about what has helped them to thrive and feel empowered.
First up, we catch up with Muna Nageh, Founder and CEO of sustainable styling subscription service, Circle of Style.

What key steps do you take to help you feel supported and confident both in personal and professional life?

Mentors and advisors you like and respect are incredibly important when you're a sole founder, so intellectually and professionally I rely on that resource. And my team, they are an incredible resource of ideas, energy and support. Props I use when facing a challenge or an important meeting is visualising the situation in advance, and practicing. And nothing beats getting a blowout for my hair, nails done and my favourite scent to finish both the look and the vibe. Feeling put together can help boost confidence enormously.

Circle of Style is the world's only styling subscription service for preowned fashion. It's where style meets sustainability. How does this ethical approach bring you confidence in everyday life?

You can't do hard things without having a mission and a vision in mind, both as a founder and for my team. Knowing that what we're doing is helping save our planet - and our only home - for future generations, whilst helping democratise personal styling and access to great designer pieces at a fraction of the price, makes us all feel like we're giving something back and giving something to our customers that no-one else offers.

How do you use fragrance to elevate your style and confidence?

I pick a fragrance from my repertoire based on what I want to feel and the situation I'm going into. If it's an evening event, I may go for something richer and headier. If it's a daytime meeting, and I need to feel energetic, my go to is usually fresh and clean smells, maybe a zesty fragrance if I really need to feel pepped up. I'll use smells that are warm and soothing if it's an unwind and relax situation. It's sometimes totally sub-conscious which fragrance I'll reach out for, but there's always a pattern based on where I'm going and how I'd like to both smell and feel.

What type of scents are in your fragrance wardrobe?

My default is definitely fresh, clean, fairly gender-neutral. I love the smell of fresh laundry. But I have a few others in my repertoire I'll use if I want to feel different, including in body lotions etc. I tend to spend most of my time switching between three key fragrances: fresh, zesty and heady on a special night out.

Has the way in which you wear fashion and fragrance changed since the pandemic and working from home began?

Definitely. At the start of working from home, I realised that I stopped using fragrance, and as soon as I noticed it I started doing it on purpose - for me not for anyone else. It made such a difference to feel "put together" when it would've been easy to slide into a more sloppy regime! It gave me a boost through lockdown, and made me reassess the power of fragrance, and how it's not just habit, it's a choice and makes such a difference to how you feel throughout your day. If I ever don't have a fragrance on, I feel "unfinished" and less prepared.

To find out more from Muna and Circle of Style, head over to their website.