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How to use scent to change your mood

How to use scent to change your mood

Scent, emotion and mood are intrinsically linked; and our brain is wired to react with an emotional response prior to realising what we have even smelt! This is why smelling the fragrance of a loved one can make us feel comforted, sad if they’ve passed on, or why a scent can transport us instantly to how we felt the first time we smelt it. This is in part because of how both the sense of smell and the brain evolved, with the brain facilitating responses to environmental stimulus – needing to store memories about initial encounters with a scent, in case it is associated with danger, or conversely is good for us in some way. Curiously, this is also why it seems like our nose tires of smelling our own perfume – our brain knows it isn’t a danger, so it subconsciously decides not to smell it any more! With the science and reasoning out of the way, fragrance expert Nick Gilbert shares how scent has the power to change your mood in an instant and what scents are best for particular circumstances!

Want some excitement?

If you’ve been finding it tough staying in throughout lockdown and are in desperate need of a night out, then a spritz of Scherzo whilst you dress up in your Friday best and enjoy a cocktail is sure to bring some of that excitement rushing back. Scherzo plays like a symphony of colours, sweet pink clouds floating a rainbow-like bouquet of flowers, golden resins and bright fruits. It’s the perfect way to feel some excitement.

Feeling blue?

What do you want to do? Lean in to the sadness and melancholy? Or distract yourself with a happy memory?

Escaping to a happier time is usually an easy one. Wearing a fragrance that you wore on holiday or on a special occasion like a wedding day, your mind will take you to that feeling. For me, I’ve found that a dose of orange blossom reminds me of sunny holidays – and so a spritz of Lumière Dorée takes me straight to southern Spain and feeling blissful.

But if you decide that melancholy needs a little exploring (after all, lows are just as important as highs), try a fragrance built around iris. It has a cool, austere air about it which can enhance the feeling of sadness - and has a nostalgic aspect. Violet Ida can play into that nostalgia, capturing the faded glamour of Brighton seafront in the 30s.

In need of inspiration?

It can be especially hard to remain inspired and motivated at the moment. Citrus has a long-established reputation as being uplifting and energising – and lemon oil is especially well known for this property. Tea Tonique imparts lemon in its top notes, alongside bergamot and petitgrain, two particularly invigorating oils. A spritz of this bright and airy scent will help switch up your mood to feel more inspired and ready to tackle the day.

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