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From London to the World, by Rikesh Chauhan

From London to the World, by Rikesh Chauhan

There aren’t enough superlatives to describe London, let alone London in the summer. It’s simply one of the most incredible cities in the world—from the history and culture, to the food and the people. When the temperature picks up, it transforms from elegant and understated to vibrant and energetic. Don’t get me wrong, London in winter is magical, but there’s just something about the summer that makes it the greatest city, arguably, in the world.

London revitalises your senses unlike any other. From the smells and sounds of the food markets, the freshly-cut grass in the many picturesque parks, the traffic and buzz of the Piccadilly promenades to the sensory overload that is Soho. It ticks every box you’d ever want it to. It’s also absolutely massive as far as big cities go. I’ve lived in East London for close to ten years, and I reckon I’ve only covered 30% of it. It being East, that is; I’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to the city proper. Such is the cultural makeup of the place, it’s a melting pot of every nationality, tradition and custom. It’s the central point, and the gateway. If you’re flying across the world, chances are you’re going to try and stop over here, even if for a day.

I travel quite a lot, whether it’s abroad or just around the city. Being on-the-go, I often find I don’t have as much time in the mornings to always adhere to a time-consuming grooming routine — even less so now with a soon-to-be one-year-old! Therefore, I always carry a couple travel-sized fragrances to spritz myself before heading into meetings or going on long shoot days. The ones I have kept by my side as of late are ones that fit perfectly with my favourite parts of London, and remind me of them when I’m away from the city. In this case, my most recent destination was a hillside castle, thirty minutes outside of Florence, for a friend’s wedding.

I like to split my scents between day and night. The day time calls for light, floral smells that I don’t apply much of—just enough to pick up without being overpowering. The 14ml Vetiver Insolent is the perfect choice for this being light, bright with a subtle smokey nature. Especially when you’re spending the day pool side. Peau Santal is an absolute must-have for the afternoon as far as I’m concerned. Sandalwood is by far one of my favourite smells, and I always associate it with temples in London. That general sense of calm and peace; it’s unmatched. They were the perfect day time scents for a beautifully warm day in Tuscany (or anywhere in the world, for that matter). The follow on into the evening which falls into my preferred palate is Le Cedre. With notes of, you guessed it, cedar, the fragrance is woody, peppery and incredibly elegant. So when the final event of the festivities is a Black Tie reception, Le Cedre is a no-brainer. As for the subsequent 3am afterparty in the pool, well, that’s entirely up to you.