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The Art of Colour - Artist Emmie Lou explains the inspirations behind her vibrant work

The Art of Colour - Artist Emmie Lou explains the inspirations behind her vibrant work

At Miller Harris we strive to find beauty in the ordinary and celebrate the bright pops of colour we see in the everyday.

We catch up with artist Emmie Lou to discover the inspirations behind her vibrant pieces and explore her process of working with colour.

How does colour play a role in your pieces?

Colour plays a huge part in my work! My aim is to make my pieces sing with colour. I tend to decide on a base colour early on and that dictates the flow of the rest of the palette.

Where do you draw inspiration for your beautiful palettes?

I usually see a colour in everyday life and become mildly obsessed with it until I can recreate it on the canvas. It can be anything from a washing detergent liquid to the inside of a piece of fruit.

Do you create your pieces with an idea of where they’ll be hung or what room they would suit?

I probably should to be honest… But it’s more intuitive to the feelings/mood of that specific time and then once it’s done I’m hopeful it will find it’s perfect home, wherever that might be!

Do you have any top tips for those working with colour or wanting to experiment more?

BE BOLD. You can always paint over!

What's your favourite colour to work with right now?

I recently designed my first wallpaper in a super fresh mint green shade and I’m in love with it. It feels feminine yet masculine, uplifting and calm, all at the same time.

If you were to have your own Miller Harris Colour Collection fragrance, what colour would the bottle be?

My next piece I’m working on is based around coral, so I would have to go for something in that peachy/coral family.

Discover more about Emmie and her artwork over on her website or you can catch up with her on Instagram!