A guide to Scent & Living

Fall, the season of candles and cocooning. As we all spend more time at home this year, it’s more important than ever to make sure your living space feels warm, comfortable and inviting. Aside from home furnishings, a great way to add ambience and charm is through scent.

Fragrance can instantly change the environment and mood of a room and a perfectly placed scent can transform a tired space into a room with a distinct personality. From your living room to your bedroom, add character to every room with our top home fragrance picks that will make nesting easy this Fall/Winter.


First impressions matter and one of the first things that people notice when walking into a home is the smell. Make a great first impression and opt for something warm and welcoming - rich, woody scents work best for this. Full of rich woods, tobacco leaves, spices and creamy tonka bean, let Rendezvous Tabac Candle invite you in with its warm and smoky scent.


Your living room is the most versatile and social space in your home. Whether you’re lounging or entertaining, look for a floral scent that is soft enough for the everyday but will bring a glow of warmth in the evenings. Our Digne de Toi Candle is a soft and sensual rose candle with gentle fruity accents of lychee and blackcurrant that will instantly bring beauty and warmth to any occasion.


Create a sanctuary at home and choose scents favoured by spas. Blends of woods, florals and fruits are favoured by many, bringing peace and calm memories to mind. A combination of fresh florals and the subtle sweetness of pears, our Rêve de Verger Candle will bring that spa moment to you.


Boost your productivity levels at home by creating the right working environment. Look for invigorating fresh scents to help with concentration levels. Our Mossket Reed Diffuser is filled with energising greenness, carrot and elemi, keeping you inspired and focused.


Set the scene for a restful sleep with a scented candle. Botanical scents with a musky undertone make the perfect addition to your bedside table. For ultimate relaxation, light a La Pluie Candle as you begin to wind down. With calming notes of lavender, ylang ylang and vanilla bourbon, this dreamy fragrance conjures inky blue-black clouds heavy with rain, taking you to the balmy climate of a far away island.



The kitchen is one of the rooms in your home that is filled naturally with a number of smells, whether it's from fresh food or cooking, so balance is key to making sure scents don’t overpower the room or clash.

Choose a fresh fragrance that contains citrus, such as tangerine, lime or bergamot to cut through lingering food smells. The sweet citrus notes of our Tangerine Vert Candle will help to keep your space smelling fresh whilst also creating a calming atmosphere.


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