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Luxury scented candles

We’ve re-developed our fine fragrance candle range in a new larger candle with refreshed design and with a positive move to a natural soy and rapeseed blend wax and making improvements to the formulations.

Our candles carry their scent perfectly to create a luxury experience that will infuse interiors for up to 50 hours.


Miller Harris breathes colour and life into the classic perfumer’s art, creating complex couture perfumes designed to tell vivid urban stories.
Inspired by London life.

Sicilian green mandarin in a citrus cocktail of grapefruit, orange and lemon are seductively muted with herby marjoram, geranium and cedar.

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A radiant and delicate take on the purest of roses, that feels like an intimate embrace and entirely of today.

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A green and atmospheric scent, carrying us to the edge of a vineyard, rich sunlight filtering through a fig tree, fragrant, earthy and sensual.

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Suggestive of the leaves wrapping a fine cigar and a golden pouch of honeyed tobacco, with fiery spices.


An additictive and comforting scent. Olibanum and pink pepper enhance the delicate resinous quality and rich warmth of sandalwood.

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